Aaand, we’re off!


Well, okay, maybe that’s a bit much. But it’s now Day 2 of The Main Event, and we’re already off to an awesome start. Between a great kickoff party, a full events calendar, and the Wednesday Night Weirdos with a strong opening virtual activity, participants are getting ALL THE WORDS and many are trying to earn ALL THE POINTS for the Fantasy Quest challenge.

And this is good. Very good.

Events Update

Our next big regional activity is the Day of Knockout Noveling. You’ll find the relevant details in our earlier blog post, or check out the details on the Event page.

In other news, we’ve received a big lakeshore assist from Holland Writers Group and The Bluestocking Bookstore. HWG has opened its doors this month for critique sessions, and in partnership with the bookstore, is hosting two-hour Come Write In blocks each Thursday. And as a bonus, the bookstore is hosting an in-person NaNo Wrap Party on the 30th, with free snacks and drinks.

Miscellaneous Notes


  • Par for today is 3,333. Can you hit it?
  • Quite a few authors will be at G.R. Comic Con this weekend, Nov. 3-5, at DeVos Place. You can earn bonus points by checking out at least one book-related table or vendor.
  • You have until Saturday to complete the introductory survey for the region. It’s optional, but the survey does help us figure things out, lets you request a goodie bag, and gives you points for completing it.
  • Speaking of points, the Points Tracker is online. Use it anytime. Each entry posts with a datetime stamp, so on Nov. 4, Jason will do the math for Nov. 1-3 and then post the leaderboard. The Fantasy Quest is optional; if you want to participate, using the online tracker is optional, too. This is all about harnessing the power of friendly competition to push you to greater achievement, but it certainly isn’t mandatory.

OK, all for now. We’ll be in touch next week with more News You Can Use.

2 thoughts on “Aaand, we’re off!

  1. mayphoenix

    Just crossed 4500 mark, probably going to get to 6k or more today. I would love to try and get to GR Comic Con this year, even if for a day. Depends on my finances.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

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