NaNo ’23 — One Week In!

We’re now almost a week into November. Words are happening. Events are transpiring. Inspiration is flowing. And soon, the Land of Oh Gosh This Is Really Hard shall darken our maps.

But you can do it! Your MLs have faith in you.

And even if you’re a bit behind because, uh, you ran a booth at G.R. Comic Con or something, DOKN is coming! The Day of Knockout Noveling is an all-region potluck and write-fest, held this year at Jason’s Books and Coffee in Wyoming from 11a to 7p. Come for as little or as long as you want; bring items for the silent auction; bring a dish to pass if you want. (But eat regardless!)

DOKN is our region’s biggest event. Don’t miss out or you will get what the kids these days call “fomo.” (Now get off my lawn and get back to your writing!)

Points Quest Leaderboard

For the period Nov. 1 to Nov. 3, the following regional Wrimos have valiantly entered the Top 10 in terms of points earned:

  • rckthewriter (34)
  • mayphoenix (33)
  • aluradevriesauthor (31)
  • harper (31)
  • treemonster (19)
  • ohemontine (18)
  • swcky (17)
  • murkyinferno (16)
  • mayanaise (15)
  • chelo (14)

Participants should use the survey to log their points; the leaderboard is updated every three days. Check out the blog post where the Fantasy Quest program was outlined for additional information.

Events This Week

Keep your juices flowing by writing in a group:

Miscellaneous Updates

Kess’s Thursday evening write-ins have moved from Loutit District Library to Cafe Tamaki — still in Grand Haven, just a tea shop instead.